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Don't Starve Together


Imagen Nombre Value
1.png Defier of Odds

You filled your trophy case to brimming.

Defier of Odds
2.png Not Dead Yet

Survived 20 consecutive days.

Not Dead Yet
3.png Stayin' Alive

Survived 35 consecutive days.

Stayin' Alive
4.png I Will Survive

Survived 55 consecutive days.

I Will Survive
5.png I'm a Survivor

Survived 70 consecutive days.

I'm a Survivor
6.png Bachelor of Science

Built a Science Machine.

Bachelor of Science
7.png Master of Science

Built an Alchemy Engine.

Master of Science
8.png Doctor of Science

Built a Shadow Manipulator.

Doctor of Science
9.png Honorary Doctor of Science

Built a Prestihatinator.

Honorary Doctor of Science
10.png Worming My Way In

Willingly jumped down a gross hole.

Worming My Way In
11.png Make it Rain

Struck a deal with a large porky monarch.

Make it Rain
12.png What a Lovely Day

Grew a pretty flower. Aw.

What a Lovely Day
13.png Busy Bee

Harvested some sweet, sweet honey from an overflowing beebox.

Busy Bee
14.png Quick and Thimble

Demonstrated your formidable sewing skills.

Quick and Thimble
15.png Pig Pen

Had six simultaneous pigman followers. What a party!

Pig Pen
16.png Tough Crowd

Had four simultaneous rock lobster followers. Snappy!

Tough Crowd
17.png Not Your Momma

Witnessed the miracle of Tallbird motherhood.

Not Your Momma
18.png Tree Whisperer

Soothed an enraged tree.

Tree Whisperer
19.png Open Sesame

Found a hole in the ground. Wow!

Open Sesame
20.png Quakin' in My Boots

You felt the earth move under your feet and the sky tumblin' down.

Quakin' in My Boots
21.png Tentacle Express

Travelled in the exact opposite of style.

Tentacle Express
22.png Turtling

Wore Snurtle Shell Armor and a Shelmet at the same time.

23.png We All Die Alone... Together!

Visited a public world.

We All Die Alone... Together!
24.png If You Build It They Will Come

Hosted a public world for 40 consecutive days.

If You Build It They Will Come
25.png A Giving Heart

Brought a friend back from the dead.

A Giving Heart
26.png These Kids are our Future

Give resources to a new player after establishing yourself for 20 days.

These Kids are our Future
27.png Express Yourself

Showed everyone your true feelings with an emote.

Express Yourself
28.png Sunday Best

Donned a fashionable character skin.

Sunday Best
29.png Shifty, but Thrifty

Crafted a new clothing item with the help of a mysterious Innkeeper.

Shifty, but Thrifty
30.png Death Perception

Defeated a Deerclops.

Death Perception
31.png Insecticide Regicid

Defeated a Spider Queen.

Insecticide Regicid
32.png Ancient History

Defeated an Ancient Guardian.

Ancient History
33.png Gone South

Defeated a Moose. Or a Goose. Or both?

Gone South
34.png BEARserker!

Defeated a Bearger.

35.png No Fly Zone

Defeated a Dragonfly.

No Fly Zone
36.png Beast of the Bottomless Stomach

Domesticated a wild beefalo.

Beast of the Bottomless Stomach
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