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Kill Strain


Imagen Nombre Value
platinokill.png Platinum Strain

Unlock all trophies

Platinum Strain
orokill.png Doomsday Achievement

Reach lifetime score of 666,666 points

Doomsday Achievement
orokill.png First Contracts

Complete 10 missions

First Contracts
orokill.png Full Time Contractor

Complete matches starting as 5 different characters (Mercenaries or Mutants)

Full Time Contractor
orokill.png I Love Gold

Get at least 3 Gold medals in a match

I Love Gold
orokill.png The Collector

Collect 20 unique augments

The Collector
orokill.png Tiers Of Joy

Upgrade 3 Masteries to Max Tier

Tiers Of Joy
platakill.png Better You Than Me

Be the last Mercenary by the end of a match

Better You Than Me
platakill.png Contract Killer

Complete 30 matches of Kill Strain

Contract Killer
platakill.png Double Trouble

Kill a total of 80 Mercenaries and 40 Mutants

Double Trouble
platakill.png Forcing Evolution

Turn 20 Mercenaries

Forcing Evolution
platakill.png I Am Legend

Get 8 kills without dying in a match

I Am Legend
platakill.png I Missed You

Get turned and then turn an ex mercenary teammate in a match

I Missed You
platakill.png Mutant Exterminator

Kill 50 Mutants with a MEC

Mutant Exterminator
platakill.png Rise To Power

Upgrade a Mastery to Max Tier

Rise To Power
platakill.png Strain Killer

Kill 100 Alpha Pods by throwing an ARCC or with a MEC

Strain Killer
broncekill.png Strain Takeover

Spread strain 250 times

Strain Takeover
broncekill.png Ain't Got Time For That

Deliver an ARCC at the Drop Zone and kill an Alpha Strain Pod in one match

Ain't Got Time For That
broncekill.png As The World Turns

Turn your first mercenary as a starting mutant

As The World Turns
broncekill.png Augment Roulette

Open an Augment pack

Augment Roulette
broncekill.png Building Character

Equip a Mastery to a Mercenary and Mutant

Building Character
broncekill.png Double Agent

Complete a game as a Mercenary and starting Mutant

Double Agent
broncekill.png Eliminating The Competition

Deal 100,000 damage to a Mercenary base

Eliminating The Competition
broncekill.png First Encounter

Kill 10 Mutants

First Encounter
broncekill.png Iron Goliath

Activate 20 MECs

Iron Goliath
broncekill.png MEC Like A Tree And Leave

Escape death by turning into a MEC with less than 5% health

MEC Like A Tree And Leave
broncekill.png No One Left Behind

Save a teammate Mercenary from turning

No One Left Behind
broncekill.png Not In This Life

Survive a mutant drag by struggling

Not In This Life
broncekill.png Punching Bag

Take 10,000 player damage as a mutant in one life

Punching Bag
broncekill.png Rivalry Established

Kill 10 Mercenaries

Rivalry Established
broncekill.png Taking Down The Strain

Deal 100,000 damage to the Mutant base

Taking Down The Strain
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