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Steins;Gate 0


Imagen Nombre Value
g75j44.png To the Promised Place

100% Completed Steins;Gate 0.

To the Promised Place
d8bge7.png Open the NewGate

Began Steins;Gate 0.

Open the NewGate
j1e07b.png Missing Link

Cleared “Missing Link”.

Missing Link
11j3b3.png Closed Epigraph

Cleared “Closed Epigraph”.

Closed Epigraph
346517.png A Stray Sheep

Cleared “A Stray Sheep”.

A Stray Sheep
7d57b4.png The Orbital Eclipse

Cleared “The Orbital Eclipse”.

The Orbital Eclipse
5bg50g.png Antinomic Dual

Cleared “Anitomic Dual”.

Antinomic Dual
01j041.png Promised Rinascimento

Cleared “Promised Rinascimento”

Promised Rinascimento
840jde.png X-Day Protocol

Cleared “X-Day Protocol”.

X-Day Protocol
e8ge0j.png Pandora's Box

Cleared “Pandora's Box”.

Pandora's Box
46b073.png Presage or Recognize

Cleared “Presage or Recognize”.

Presage or Recognize
6g3d48.png Vega and Altair

Cleared “Vega and Altair”.

Vega and Altair
b348d5.png Gehenna's Stigma.

Cleared “Gehenna's Stigma”.

Gehenna's Stigma.
g75jb4.png Twin Automata

Cleared “Twin Automata”.

Twin Automata
d8bg77.png Recursive Mother Goose

Cleared “Recursive Mother Goose”.

Recursive Mother Goose
j1e6bb.png Milky-way Crossing

Cleared “Milky-way Crossing”.

Milky-way Crossing
11j753.png Those Who Seek History

Opened Clear List.

Those Who Seek History
346737.png Those Who Seek Art

Opened CG Library.

Those Who Seek Art
7d50j4.png Those Who Seek Sound

Opened Sound Library.

Those Who Seek Sound
5bg7eg.png Those Who Seek Movement

Opened Movie Library.

Those Who Seek Movement
01j371.png Metis, Studying That Which Lies Beneath

Opened TIPS List.

Metis, Studying That Which Lies Beneath
84051e.png 25% CG Unlocked

Saw 25% of CG.

25% CG Unlocked
e8g3dj.png 50% CG Unlocked

Saw 50% of CG.

50% CG Unlocked
46be53.png 75% CG Unlocked

Saw 75% of CG.

75% CG Unlocked
6g3708.png 100% CG Unlocked

Saw all CG.

100% CG Unlocked
b34g75.png Enki the All-Knowing

Saw all TIPS.

Enki the All-Knowing
g75104.png Resonating Reaction Renvoir

Answered a message from someone.

Resonating Reaction Renvoir
d8b0j7.png Message of Oblivion Renvoir

Read and ignored a message.

Message of Oblivion Renvoir
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